Anger Management Assessment Evaluation​

For extra forms filled out, signed, faxed, forwarded to any entity other than yourself such as State forms etc. there is an extra fee. $30.00 per 15 minutes of time paid in advance before work is performed. Report revisions after completion $30.00 per 15 minutes of time.

Criminal and civil courts mandate individuals to get an Anger Management Evaluation if you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of a violent or abusive crime. You may have a criminal domestic violence case, disorderly conduct, civil, child custody, or social issues with anger management.

Maybe your employer is telling you that your behavior is disruptive, and you need to work on your anger. How do you do that when you do not think you have a problem with anger? Maybe your employer is telling you not to return to work until you get your behavior under control. An anger evaluation can answer those questions. What if it is not anger? What if it is some other emotion that is coming across as anger? We will point you in the right direction to get you into a solution.

If you are in therapy and need a little extra help with your emotions, an anger evaluation can help both you and your therapist giving you areas to work on in your sessions.

Whether you are facing personal problems because of your anger issues or you have had legal consequences stemming from your anger, you may want to consider consulting with a professional about how to deal with your anger.

We have made this process as convenient as possible. Our anger management evaluation is a simple process of answering a professional evaluation as well as providing background information. Send us your evaluation via email, fax or attachments and we will provide you with a 13-14-page professional evaluation including suggestions and recommendations.

When you work with us, you are working with a nonjudgmental professional who wants to help you find the answers and then the solutions.