Anger Management Online Reviews


This class and book was a lifesaver for me! It came at a time in my life when I honestly didn’t even think I had anger problems. After reading the book and taking the online course, I have made huge strides in how I manage my anger, as well as learned techniques to live in solution, and be proactive with my life. I highly recommend this book!!


After reading the first chapter, I had an open mind but it seemed to be just so much common sense and things I had known for years. Yet the very day after I read the first chapter, those close to me commented on how I was a different person. My entire body seemed lighter and has continued this way now for a month. I have had one or two outbursts but they subside quickly and are virtually non existent compared to numerous outburst per day that was my norm. I am so grateul for this book.

This sounds insane but it is true. I am only on the third chapter
but I have become the person I have been stuggling to become for years. Cynics must think I am a shill of some kind, but take a chance and try it for yourself. One can never stop trying.


I just completed my online classes and this book was simple to read and understand, I for the first time identified myself in each chapter, this book provides amazing tips, tools, and teaches you how to apply them daily. If you think, or your not sure but matbe think you have anger issues, I recommended this book to the fullest!!!

Mike A.

i liked the book and class alot thanks for all the tips


Course was very useful. taking the course has made me aware of new techniques. it also made me aware of how appeared to others. i was reminded of the unintended consequences. positive , motivational anger. i had almost forgotten about that


i am happy to be reading this book and be in this anger management class.


This book was a very good read. It was a requirement but turned out to be very helpful. I use it at work now with my patients, and they find it useful as well. I would recommend this book to anyone that even thinks they may have a issue with anger. I would also recommend this book to someone that is dealing with someone in their life that has anger issues. It will definitley help ypu understand them better.

Jean R.

The further that I got into this workbook, the more interested I became. It covered a lot of ground. Most importantly it taught me how to get a grip on my anger, It also helped me to be able to change my negative thinking into positive thoughts. I took the online class that goes along with this workbook and it was excellent. I believe I received better information than if I had gone and sat in an anger management class once a week for however many weeks it lasted.
Great reading, the author Kathy Garber knows her stuff, thanks for helping me to help myself change my life !!


After havinga rough time in life this definately helped us get out thought patterns straightened out.
Highly recommended, along with the online course.


This is a great book. I took the online class also. It was really helpful to me.


As an author myself, I appreciate the very obvious hard work and attention to detail that went into the writing and production of this publication.
Many of the real life examples of Anger Management speak to common humanistic relationship problems, problems that increase with the rise of each generation.
Compared to other works I’ve read and studied on this most salient area of human development, I believe it to be the most practical and engaging.
I highly recommend reading this book to anyone wishing to gain deeper understanding of their own emotional conditions. Not only will one gain deeper and more functional understanding of their own emotional state, but will be able to recognize similar stimuli and responses in others by truly studying and applying the information presented in this work on Anger Management.


The information in this book seems simplistic, but it is incredible helpful to have these thoughts validated by a professional. If you truly commit to the activities they really open up your thought process. This language used in this book is simple and motivational. The way anger is explained in this book opens your eyes to your own actions and feelings which to me was extremely helpful as you must acknowledge and recognize your problem before you can begin to change anything. This book offers good techniques to managing anger as well. By asking you to journal you begin to identify situations that make you angry, the book then teaches you how to manage that anger.
*****I think taking the online class would be the best way to read this book. The discussion boards force you to commit to reading every chapter and you have a few months to complete it. You pay for the class but you get to download and keep the book.


It was very important to me that I took a moment to comment for the reviewers to know that, not only the book, but the classes from my personal experiments of reading and taking the classes are helpful and very SUCCESSFUL!!! If you haven’t already ( PLEASE take the time to experience it for yourself. I GARUANTEE, it will be a SUCCESSFUL JOURNEY ! )

Dillon B.

I would recommend it.

Clari B.

Thank you so much for this course.


I feel like anything else you get as much out of something as you are willing to put into it.For me this has been an eye opening course.In fact I have learnt so much about myself I feel the real me will come back strong and with more skills that affect not only myself but loved ones as well.Thank you for you help,it is just what I needed.No I feel this course spends enough time clearly showing us the simplist ways in which to face and survive conflict now.


Very helpful tools to help guide anger in different directions and tools and how to manage what angers us. Leaned the physical and mental toll anger takes on our lives and how being happy will help me become a better person in the long run.

Shane A.

Tranformational. If you are ordered to read this, get over it, and get on with your life. Sometimes we are simply wrong in our approach to anger and need to relearn how we cope. Glad I invested the time.

Bruce H.

At first I resented having to read this book but it has ended up opening my eyes to recognize my anger issues and giving me the solutions to fix it. Everyone should read it weather you think you have anger issues or not.


I am extremely satisfied with the life lessons I have gained, in reading this book. It has shown me that my anger is more than managable, and that I do have control of my life. It has given me the techniques and methods, to help cope with my anger, and improve my life. I never realized how anger effects people in so many different ways. This book has provided me with the knowledge and tools to reach my goals, and improve my life. Thank you Kathy, for helping others, and myself, with your knowledge in the subject of anger management.

Andrew C.

I was ordered to do a 4 hour class. I decided that I was going to take the 10 hour class. I found it very insightful. I found out a lot of things about me that I didn’t know. Things that I am currently trying to change with the guidance of this book. I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone seeking help with any type of anger issue.