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What You Need To Do

By Kathy Garber

What do you need to do to manage your angry behavior? You might not find the answers if you are not paying close attention to your anger or the situations that cause you to have angry behavior.

Most people who experience repetitive problems with anger let their anger operate on automatic pilot and what happens just happens without any thought. This is the problem with anger. Unrealized, unrecognized and not understanding the who’s, why’s and what’s of your angry behavior will never allow you look more closely at your anger and make the necessary changes.

You might be wondering how you are going to possibly know what to change or how to even look for what needs to be changed. The answer is simple: anger awareness. Everyone can learn to become more aware of their emotions, especially anger.

Start paying attention to your anger on a daily basis. Everyone naturally becomes comfortable in their old behaviors, good or bad. Your behavior has been a part of you for a very long time and looking closely at your behaviors in the beginning may seem like they are just normal for you, but the “normal” behaviors may be what are getting you into trouble with your anger and your angry behavior.

  • Make a log.
  • Write down the time and where you were angry.
  • What did you do when you were angry?
  • What were the consequences of your angry behavior?
  • Did you do anything to try and stop your angry behaviors?
  • What did you do?
  • Look at your log and try to decide where you are experiencing the most anger.
  • How do you handle your anger?

If you need help in learning to manage your anger, come to and work with others just like you who are learning to manage their anger successfully.

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