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Anger Management Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

There are so many anger management classes online out there.  What is different about this anger management class?   
This anger management class is written with a common sense approach with real workable tools to apply in your life.  We help you to realize where your problems are and then we move you on to solution focused thinking.

Why is this anger management class so much cheaper than the rest?
We want to work with you.  We want anger management to be available to everyone who needs it. We have all been in the shoes of needing something and not being able to afford it.  If you want to make changes in your life, we think you should be able to.  Just because the price on other classes are higher doesn’t make them better.  This class is developed and conducted by a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in anger management.  We prefer to work with people who want to make changes in their life. 

When did you start teaching anger management online? 
We started this class face to face prior to 2002 and in 2002 we brought the class to an online format.

Can you suggest a good anger management book? 
We suggest the book used in this class.  Stop Anger, Be Happy written by Kathy Garber.

Do you do therapy or counseling? 
Kathy Garber, LMFT is our therapist and she does therapy and counseling via telephone or Skype.

Will I be able to understand the anger management class and materials? 
Yes.  This class was written with all intellectual abilities in mind. 

Can my teenage take this anger management class? 
Yes, we have had hundreds of teens through this program since 2002 and they love the online format.

What if I have problems with the class? 
You simply email us and we will walk you through.

When can I expect email responses from you? 
We always say we will get back with you within 24 hours, but most times it is much sooner.  We don’t stay consistently online, but do sign in and out every few hours.

Why did you start working with angry people?  
I don’t view people as “angry people.”  I sometimes think that people need a little stepping stone to change.  I want to be that stepping stone.

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