You can’t always control the situation you’re in or how it makes you feel, but you can control how you express your anger. Even if someone is pushing your buttons, you always have a choice about how to respond.

Anger can be suppressed and redirected. This happens when you take a time out, think about your anger, focus on something positive and move into a solution to the situation. The aim is to take a time out so you can think about your anger and convert it into more constructive behavior. However, there can be a danger in suppressing anger if it isn’t allowed outward expression at some point. Your anger can turn inward and may cause hypertension, high blood pressure, or depression.

Anger is often regarded as negative; we’re taught that it’s all right to express anxiety, depression, or other emotions but not to express anger. As a result, we don’t learn how to handle it or channel it constructively.

Successful anger management is about being able to honestly and effectively communicate how you feel and to respond to things without getting angry or hostile about it.

The next time you feel strong anger; challenge yourself to take a time out to get away from the situation.  Talk to yourself and try to figure out why you feel angry.  Why are you having a strong reaction to the situation?  What can you do to make the situation better?  How can you express yourself in a calm demeanor? 

After your time out and when you are ready, try to come back to the situation and communicate your thoughts.  I am sure you will be more successful in managing your anger when you feel calm and in control.

If you’ve tried anger management techniques on your own and your anger is still spiraling out of control, you may need more help. There are many therapists, classes, and programs for people with anger management problems. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness. It is actually a sign of strength. 

Everyone can be in control of their anger.  We are all capable when we turn our thoughts and energy into paying attention to our thoughts and feelings. It isn’t easy, but anger management is an excellent self growth experience and can definitely benefit everyone. Anger management is available online as classes and through therapy and counseling.