Have you ever regretted what you did when you were drinking?  Did you display weird behavior?  Talk about things you wish you hadn’t?  Display anger and then have trouble with the legal system? The fact that alcohol acts as a suppressant on your internal inhibitions or self-control is well documented.

Alcohol consumption depletes your awareness and response to external social cues. When these internal and external controls on behavior are suppressed, the true internal state of a person is more likely to be expressed and without any regard for the consequences.

This means that you could become a “happy drunk” or a “mean drunk.” While “happy drunks’ can be the fun loving life of the party.  We all know someone who gets drunk and the whole party is consumed by this person.  On the darker side of the spectrum, the “mean drunk” appears because alcohol use can liberate the anger and violence that exists internally. Many times, this anger and violence is directed at loved ones and can have lifelong negative effects.

If you are concerned about your anger when under the influence of alcohol it is time to take a real, hard look at yourself and your behavior.  Do you always need alcohol to have a good time?  Do you find yourself shying away from events that do not supply alcohol?  Would you rather spend time in a bar than to do other dry activities? Do you find yourself expressing anger or other emotions that you usually wouldn’t when you are not drinking?

Modifying your drinking habits and exploring your anger response can be a daunting experience. There is no reason do this on your own! There are many support options available to you:

Acknowledging that you may be dealing with an anger and alcohol issue is not easy. Admitting to shortcomings is difficult for most of us. Reach out to others for support to move towards a healthier lifestyle.