Anger Management Class: Will this get the job done or perhaps is this a total waste of time?

By Kathy Garber

There is a great deal of controversy regarding anger management.  Does it work?  Is anger management a waste of time?  Like any other self help program or therapy you really get out of anger management what you put in to it. Some people come into anger management with the idea that taking a class is going to make all the difference in their life and they sit back and wait for the class to work.  Then there are others who take anger management classes and really begin to work the program. They read and study the material, decide what tips or changes can be implemented and are very active in making positive life changes.  Those are the people who are successful in anger management.

Sitting and waiting for change isn’t going to work.  Getting active in your life and your emotions is something anger management classes encourage.   So is anger management a waste of time? I don’t think that any form of self help is a waste of time.  I think the better question may be, do you have the time and the willingness to look at your life and make necessary changes?

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