Openly exhibiting anger by blowing off steam was once regarded a beneficial kind of anger management. Blowing up was regarded an ordinary way to deal with anger. Nonetheless, the current evidence firmly indicates that such blow ups don’t solve issues, but rather cause physical or emotional injury for everybody involved.

Individuals at whom the anger is directed can feel emotionally devastated in its aftermath while the individual who unleashed the anger is left with damaged relationships and emotional shame. Individuals who can’t tolerate emotions of helplessness can last out with anger even with their loved ones.

Because of the high adrenaline rush that comes with strong anger, trying to get it under control in the heat of the moment can be nearly impossible.

Getting angry allows people to avoid having to cope with their real emotions of shame, guilt or anxiety. Using anger inappropriately does not make the problem disappear and the anger only continues to spiral out of control.  A lot of people who lack anger management skills believe they have the right to vent their frustrations on others verbally or physically. However, angry outbursts don’t solve the problem at hand. Instead release of uncontrolled anger can make others around you feel endangered and afraid of you. 

People who use anger inappropriately have a tendency to block vulnerable emotions of hurt, sadness, guilt and weakness. Anger can be a replacement emotion for these other emotions which are kept buried. By lashing out, the angry person feels a certain amount of relief to get rid of the bad feelings, but the person at the other end is left feeling devastated. 

An individual who believes they’ve a right to vent anger on others never really develops successful relationships with other people.  Just like children having a temper tantrum, adults stay stuck in a child like reactive state when they feel frustrated.

Rather than responding with positive anger management methods, they react with screaming, name calling, along with other immature behaviors that increase anger by stimulating the body to produce even more adrenaline. Screaming might give a temporary respite from anger; however it never solves the problem.

Cognitive behavioral anger management classes online can teach one to recognize anger early in the phase so that you stay in complete control of your emotions.  Learning to recognize when you start to feel angry or uneasy will make you successful in managing your anger.