The first step to taking control of your behavior is to seek help for your anger-related problem. Anger treatment resources include counseling, therapy, anger management classes and anger management online services such as anger classes and anger evaluations. Learning about anger symptoms, causes and effect will help you address your behavior in a healthy positive way. 

So which anger management service might be of help to you? It would depend on how you learn best.  Some people prefer to sit down face to face with a licensed counselor or therapist and discuss their emotions.  Other people feel uncomfortable with that level of intimacy and it stops them from seeking out help.  Online anger management services might be the right choice for these individuals. 

Online anger management classes will allow you to stay anonymous so that you can feel comfortable expressing your feelings and your issues surrounding your angry behavior.  Some folks do better and feel more at ease with this scenario.

Still there are others who just don’t think they are angry, but loved ones and friends keep bringing it up.  So how do you know if you have problems with anger?  Others say you are angry, you don’t think you are angry and it keeps coming up for you. Most people know when anger is causing them a problem in life, but for those who just don’t know or would like to have a better understanding of why they keep hearing that they display angry behavior, an anger evaluation is a great place to start for them.

An anger evaluation is easy to complete.  You answer questions from a standardized anger evaluation scoring scale and your results can be interpreted by a licensed professional.  Most times an anger evaluation is a stepping stone to help you determine if you are angry or if you are stuffing your anger and are not quite sure how to express it.

With so many online anger management classes and evaluations available to you, don’t stay stuck in the “what if’s” and move into a positive solution.  Learning about your behavior is one of the most difficult things you will do in life, but is also the most rewarding.