Anger Management Coaching/Therapy

Anger Management Coaching/Therapy

Anger Management Treatment Approach and Goals

I offer cognitive behavioral anger management therapy via telephone or Skype. 

We start off looking at your behavior and current lifestyle to determine what is and isn’t working for you.  Together we look at all emotions, not just anger to determine what other feelings and emotions are causing issues in your life.  Anger is a secondary emotion, meaning something is usually happening first to cause secondary anger.  We work together to figure that out. 

Our goal is not to eliminate your anger, but rather to get you to recognize your emotions and anger so that you become proactive in finding solutions.  Another goal of anger therapy is to recognize your inner negative self critic and to turn that negative self talk into positive solutions.  We work on rationalizing your thoughts.  We work on self esteem and assertive communication and much more.  Anger isn’t simply anger. 

Together we get you on a treatment plan of figuring out the key components of your emotions and how we can move you on to recovery. 

Anger Management Therapy via telephone or Skype  60 minutes  100.00 Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Center of Solutions LLC.

Private In Home Sessions

Do you need more anonymity than a typical anger management setting? Are you a high powered professional or celebrity and sitting in an anger management classroom is not for you? We can come to your home, business or office for private sessions Email for a quote of having the convenience of anger management brought right to your doorstep.