How To Manage Anger

The best way to describe anger is that it is a signal.

Anger is a signal that we should be listening to and moving into a solution. It may be a message that we are being hurt, that our rights are being violated, that are needs are not being met and that things in our lives just aren’t sitting right with us. Maybe the anger signal could be that we are doing more and giving more than we can do or give? Maybe we are angry with ourselves for going along with something we don’t agree with to keep the peace?

anger signals
anger signals

Anger is something we feel. It happens for a reason and we all have a right to everything we feel; even anger. But here is where anger for many goes wrong for many of us… you don’t accept it or acknowledge it. It is left on automatic pilot and it grows because after all, aren’t we nice folks? Aren’t we supposed to just stuff anger down and not show it so that we look good? We sugar coat to make ourselves look good to the outside world. We want to look nice and happy on outside, but inside the inner turmoil is tearing us apart.

There are those who say just vent it. Get it out! Put it all out there! But does that solve the problem? Does screaming solve the issue that you are giving way more than you are getting? Or, does it just repeat old patterns that aren’t working in your relationship? More venting, more screaming, equals more unhappy people in your life. That doesn’t solve the problem.

When you continually fight, but submit to unfair circumstances, complain, let our hopes and values be dashed because we can’t speak up for ourselves eventually low self esteem and depression set in. When you don’t do anything about your anger, you will suffer in silence and it brings you down.

You have to unlearn what is not working for you anymore. What needs to be changed for you to feel good about yourself? I would like to help to move you away from submission, fighting and emotionally distancing yourself from those who push your anger triggers and bring you to the place where you can say it, respect others and yourself and then move on in a positive place.

The focus at is to find a healthy, new balance and to live in positive solutions. Because anger touches on every aspect of our lives we not only work on anger management, but also successful communication, setting boundaries, healthy self esteem and how to express anger in a way that is comfortable to you. Everyone has their own anger style. We will help you find yours and maybe fine tune it so that you feel comfortable expressing yourself and become success at it and not sit in silence wondering why no one gets you.

It’s comfortable continuing in our old anger ways even when they are not successful, but you can have it both ways. You can feel comfortable, you can have your anger and you can express yourself too. Win-win! Learn more with our anger management classes today.

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