Stop Anger, Be Happy by Dr. Kathy Garber

Dr. Kathy Garber’s STOP ANGER, BE HAPPY is a straightforward, user-friendly workbook designed to help readers learn about their anger by examining its stages. The first and most important stage of anger management is to recognize and admit having a problem with anger. The next stage is to realize which old behaviors may not be working any more and replace them with healthy new ways to create a successful life. 

“Millions of people struggle with anger on a daily basis and desperately seek to eliminate it from their lives,” explains Garber. “The goal of anger management is not to eliminate anger entirely, but to express feelings in healthy ways that allow for desirable outcomes.” 

Learning to set boundaries and express feelings and needs through assertive communication is the final stage to conquer in the quest for a healthier, happier life. Communicating assertively and setting boundaries not only helps one gain respect, but also appear confident, straightforward and honest. 

“Examining and changing your behavior is never an easy process, but with the help of STOP ANGER, BE HAPPY, you may find your transition a little easier,” says Garber, who has created a website (Anger Management Online) where readers can talk about the book, join a discussion, take quizzes and chat with other people about their anger in a supportive environment. 

“Learning to experience your feelings and express them in healthy ways is not a simple process; it is a life long process,” says Garber. “Get started now on your journey to a happier, more enjoyable life.”

Garber is the owner and founder of an online class and support community for those seeking to discuss their anger. is dedicated to bringing a confidential, quality program to each person who desires to learn about anger and seeks new ways to express their feelings. 

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Dr. Kathy Garber ISBN 1-55395-095-X