Anger Management Online Testimonials

Anger Management Online Testimonials

Anger Management Online Testimonials

Hello. When I was directed to take this class, I would say that I was not in agreement 100% sold on the idea. It is not easy to accept it first. I always looked at anger us something negative or something that you should not feel in a regular basis. Right on the beginning of reading the book I remember very clearly on the topic on learned behavior. My parents would scolded me for getting angry. As I got older, I was not able to understand how they could tell me not to get angry but it is ok for them. I would question, Is anger only for adults? Or when it's okay to be angry? After I got deeper into the literature of your book, I came to the realization that it's okay to be angry at situations that happen in your life. What is not okay, is how you display it. Especially, if it is a negative behavior.Tantrums, yelling, aggressive behavior, sarcasm, passive attitude, and not setting boundaries are examples of behaviors that I would displayed on a regular basis without considered as anger.

The book was able to open my eyes on certain patterns in my behavior that I did not paid attention in the past. Now I can look the signs that triggers my anger and I have the tools to deal with it.

I am looking forward to put all of this into practice in times to come. Also, there is a much here that I can pass along to my kids love ones and friends in their quest to have a more complete and impacful life.

Anger management online was the best online experience!  I signed up and started the same day.  When I decided I wanted help I turned to and I made the right decision!
- MB, Oklahoma

I didn’t think I needed anger management and I certainly didn’t want to sit in classes with people telling me how to live my life.  This was a very surprising eye opener to me.  I learned I did have a problem with anger, but I was taught how to manage it my own way.  I loved the class.  Thank you. 
- LM, San Francisco

My manager told me I have an anger problem and that I better get it under control pronto.  I need my job so I went through with the class.  It was a great experience.  I learned so much and I am so thankful to have had this experienced.  It saved my job and my family. 
- JG, Tampa

I was court ordered to take anger management.  I didn’t think I needed anger management at all.  I signed up and got started.  I wasn’t happy.  The end result was I needed anger management.  I just didn’t want to admit it.  I have made wonderful changes in my life and I feel so proud! 
- CF, New York

My attorney suggested this site and I can see why.  The service was great and I learned a lot in the process.  The class was easier than sitting in a room listening to boring changes.  I made my own changes on my own terms. 
- JT, Miami